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  Seller: Is that Mr. Sang Lee? Are you online?


  Buyer: Nice to see you again, Mr. Zhang. I'm waiting for you here.


  Seller: Thanks. We have reached an agreement on the term of payment, what about shipment?


  Buyer: That is what I want to confirm today.


  Seller: We are doing effort on this matter with local shipping companies. We have a confirmation of price based on CIF Pusan. We know we have the obligations to charter vessel and pay the freight.


  Buyer: Clearly. Do you have any information? A rich season of garlic is coming. It's top important for you to effect the shipment earlier.


  SELLER: We'll do our utmost to deliver the goods at an earliest possible. But the shipment date depends on the L/C opening date reaching us. Please establish the L/C at sight ASAP Yes. The contract tells “Shipment: within 15 days after receiving the L/C at sight”. All are confirmed and I will contact our opening bank tomorrow. We promise to deliver the goods at once after receiving your payment.


  BUYER: Another point, we prefer a reefer container for a good temperature control and a good quality guarantee. Could you arrange for this kind of vessel?


  SELLER: Surely we can. But the price we reached is based on an ordinary vessel. You know reefer container is too expensive and the additional cost will be responsible by the buyer.


  BUYER: That's a problem.


  SELLER: We suggest a half open vessel for air through during transportation. It's a nice choice for garlic product. China is so near to Korea. There is no problem.


  BUYER: OK. I agree to use a half open vessel. But attention should be paid that we ordered 500MT of fresh white garlic in one lot. That is to be clear again “partial shipment not allowed”.


  SELLER: As new orders keep coming in, we are afraid we have not enough stocks to meet your order then. We suggest you accept partial shipment in July and August 250MT each.


  BUYER: You know the price of garlic is changing so quickly due to a rich coming season. We have to receive the whole 500MT in one lot. Wish to do your utmost to fulfill the order.


  SELLER: OK. We will meet your order first to prepare and deliver in one lot in time.


  BUYER: Thanks for your cooperation. I'm wondering if it is possible for you to effect shipment before the middle of June.


  SELLER: Rather difficult for us to do. I think the shipment will be effected at the early July. That is the best we can do.


  BUYER: Too late. July is the selling season for this product in our market. If you manage to deliver the goods two or three weeks earlier, everything will be fine and we will be able to catch the selling season. Therefore, the goods must be shipped before June 20th.


  SELLER; Well, I understand. We have signed many contracts recently. It is really beyond our power.


  Buyer: I sincerely hope that you will give our request special consideration.


  Seller: OK. We are old friends. We will try our best to arrange for you. We assure you that the shipment will be completed before the end of June if we receive your L/C in time.


  Buyer: I appreciate what you have done for me. We're looking forward to receiving your advice of shipment as early as possible. Good luck.


  Seller: Good luck. See you.


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